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My Case is and the date I received my disqualification notice was September 10, Admit Any Mistakes If you did something wrong, acknowledge it. This first hearing is usually the last hearing, in that it is the proceeding intended to fully develop the record of facts surrounding the cause and reasoning behind a claimant quitting an employer, or an employer firing an employee, which is probably why another name for a first level UI appeal hearing is a FULL FACT FINDER since the available information often falls short of establishing a full record of facts that may make the difference for the aggrieved party.

These are simply guidelines that have been found to be helpful. I would like to request a hearing so that I can have an opportunity to present my case and have the State reconsider my unemployment disqualification.

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Your worksite became unsafe: You must have reported the safety issues to your employer and they must have failed to do anything about it within a reasonable amount of time. The judge will also ask you about your job search: To receive benefits you must be available for work, actively seeking work, and able to work.

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I left the site and drove to the company warehouse to retrieve the missing items. A copy of my notice is attached to this letter. Grace is willing to testify in a hearing regarding these events. We collect a fee ONLY if we are successful in obtaining your unemployment benefits for you. If you decide you are going to appeal the decision, you should continue to file your weekly claims. You were not being allowed your legal breaks. You should receive the notice of your hearing date about three weeks after you file your appeal. How will you explain that one of the good cause reasons was the real or main reason you quit? But if you feel like you are not being allowed to testify about something important, respectfully ask the judge if you can do so. The letter addresses Ms.

If you are submitting written statements from other people about what they saw or heard, consider asking these people if they can attend the hearing.

State specifically what you did wrong, and what you have learned from that experience. Your employer may select any number of people to be present for their side.

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You have thirty days from the date of the determination to send in an appeal, the due date is on the letter. Hearings are usually held by telephone; however, a judge may permit an in-person hearing if a disability or other circumstances would make it difficult for the hearing to be held over the telephone. When your employer testifies: The process is generally the opposite of the above. That appeal should be as brief as possible, because the appeal simply triggers the telephone hearing. Be sure to get a clear confirmation from the hearing office that the hearing was postponed. If you win at your hearing, you will only receive benefits for the weeks you filed and are otherwise eligible. Consider asking a friend to read through the letter to make sure the tone is appropriate. Also state the date you received your disqualification notice and attach a copy of the letter. Questions and Answers If I am denied unemployment benefits, can I appeal? If you quit because of medical reasons, safety hazards, or illegal activities, you also have to prove that you took reasonable steps to keep your job before you quit. I want a hearing. If you are denied benefits, you may be eligible for a waiver. Ultimately, it is up to the judge to decide whether or not to allow the documents to be used in the hearing. Dear Mr.

What happens after I file an appeal? It was not unusual for me to find clues, to how to prepare for the hearing, or if I was lucky, find an outright untenable argument I knew would become part of the hearing record.

The following week a former co-worker, Mary Grace, also a paralegal, called me and informed me that Ms.

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I believe that the EDD unfairly denied my unemployment benefits and I wish to appeal the decision. But if you feel like you are not being allowed to testify about something important, respectfully ask the judge if you can do so.

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Call the hearing office if it has been more than two weeks and you have not received a decision. As attorneys, our approach is to identify what the issue is, explain what the law is while citing to legal authority such as statutes and cases, explain how the law applies to the specific facts of the appeal, and conclude with an explanation that the law requires benefits to be paid in these circumstances. File Weekly Claims Timely If you file weekly claims late, even during the appeal process, you may forever lose eligibility for that week. You worked both a full-time and a part-time job, you quit the part-time job, and later lost the full-time job: Before you quit the part-time job, you must not have known that you would be let go from the full-time job. From the start, however, we should point out that obtaining an attorney to help with the appeal process will not only increase your likelihood of obtaining benefits sooner, but it may also help to prevent mistakes that cannot be corrected later at later appeal steps. In fact, I arrived at the job site early and saw that some of the supplies and equipment were not there. After you have sent in your appeal you will receive a notice of the date and time of your hearing from the Office of Administrative Hearings OAH. Generally if you quit your job, you will testify first because you have to show that you had good cause to quit. For example, if you quit your job because your hours were cut in half and your employer starts to bring up the fact that you were late a couple times last month, that probably has nothing to do with why you quit, and is irrelevant. Did they ask you for an explanation?
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