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Something similar happened to Udacity, one of the most famous e-learning platforms that left React Native behind for many issuessome related to breaking updates of the Framework, some for maintainability in general; they even state that at some points it was like working for three tech stacks instead of one.

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Pros: Performance. NET, and the Mono framework.

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The tool deploys a JavaScript codebase. Supported by a large organization Progress and used by industry veterans SAP , NativeScript offers a similar cross-platform development experience to its backed-by-Facebook rival, but resembles the Ionic Framework approach to development. Xamarin apps are compiled, which means they run directly on a smartphones hardware and not in a web view. Cairo is written in C and has bindings for many programming languages. It is designed to provide primitives for 2-dimensional drawing across a number of different backends. Perhaps one day, we can really build an app once, and run it anywhere. This free resource is high in demand among developers due to its features and support that it offers. Pros: Framework7 adds two critical layers to Cordova application structure and interface elements. This may hinder the application's performance or prohibit developers from using the most advanced features of each platform. Right now, you can easily find all the buzz from Flutter be it on Medium, YouTube, Stack Overflow, or you-pick-what network, the community is undeniably active and is making all possible efforts to make it grow fast. Even though its lack of production-test time, many companies have even started to use Flutter in their main production apps, including Google itself. All it does is wrap an existing hosted web application with a native container. Haxe : An open source cross-platform language. A framework that supports the workflow of app development and deployment in an enterprise environment.

NativeScript also lets developers get a feel for the end product by providing interface demonstration applications for Android and iOS.

It supports Windows and Unix-like OS-s.

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Discover what you can build with a low-code application development platform 1. Cairo : A free software library used to provide a vector graphics-based, device-independent API. The idea behind this is to create more than two different programs that have the ability to behave similarly to each other. Cons: This is an open-source project and a recent one, at that. The latest app code supports the concept of write once, run anywhere WORA. Note: Some of the free cross-platform mobile application development tools are also available as paid plans, but all provide free and unlimited production use. I believe that performance issues stem primarily from the specific applications, not the framework itself. Pros: Framework7 adds two critical layers to Cordova application structure and interface elements. Apache Cordova Apache Cordova is first on this list because it powers the build process for most free cross-platform mobile application development tools, and many that aren't free, for that matter. Multi-platform installers such as InstallAnywhere address this need.

NET platform. These two teams as well as many others have said they actually had an overall positive experience working with React Native, and admitted they could have done some things differently so the final result would have been a bit better.

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The majority of cross-platform mobile application development tools on this list, both free and paid, use Cordova to package a single codebase into a native executable.

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