Write an editorial about the civil war for kids

When that rebellious party has maintained itself for a reasonable period, and has exhibited the capacity of fulfilling the functions of a national power, it will, of course, be Next Page. It is the war of the law for its own enforcement against revolution; and if those who wage such war shall themselves violate the law, they too have plunged into revolution, and the law is destroyed.

Carefully researched details bring to life the hardships of life in an army camp, time spent in a war hospital, and conditions in notorious prisons like Andersonville.

editorial about the civil war from the point of view of a union supporter

When that attack stalled thanks to the defensive prowess of Confederate Maj. In Octoberthe president dismissed him and replaced him with Maj. For what sort of sovereign is he whose laws are not respected?

Who fought in the civil war? Image courtesy of Bill Proudfoot. Winfield Scott was a Virginian by birth, but he had been an Army general sincelonger than most Americans had been alive, and his loyalty to the Union was never in doubt.

We poor oppressed ones, appeal to you, and ask fair play.

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