Write a project proposal sample

Integrating grant writing into day-to-day work turns proposals into useful planning documents and detailed templates for project implementation.

university project proposal example

This part of the document also discusses the opportunities the project is taking advantage of. This is the part where you need to describe thoroughly the problem you want to address. State the dilemma. Know what problem the proposal tackles While it might be obvious what the problem is in your mind, this is where the power of knowing your audience comes in.

Using your project management tool to estimate timelines and resources is a great way to produce visuals for the proposal. Formally Solicited A formally solicited project proposal is established in response to an official request for a new proposal.

This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project. Remember that the template above is for formally solicited, informally solicited, and unsolicited project proposals alike.

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12+ Project Proposal Outline Templates