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By reading this list of interfaces, you can infer that an instance of HashMap regardless of the developer or company who implemented the class can be cloned, is serializable which means that it can be converted into a byte stream; see the section Serializable Objectsand has the functionality of a map.

Such methods can be labeled abstract. They are different, we will study this when we will study Interfaces.

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Key Concepts for Abstract Classes Before diving into when to use an abstract class, let's look at their most relevant characteristics: We define an abstract class with the abstract modifier preceding the class keyword An abstract class can be subclassed, but it can't be instantiated If a class defines one or more abstract methods, then the class itself must be declared abstract An abstract class can declare both abstract and concrete methods A subclass derived from an abstract class must either implement all the base class's abstract methods or be abstract itself To better understand these concepts, we'll create a simple example. As usual, all the code samples shown in this tutorial are available over on GitHub. Following is an example of the abstract method. Classes Rectangle, Line, Bezier, and Circle Inherit from GraphicObject First, you declare an abstract class, GraphicObject, to provide member variables and methods that are wholly shared by all subclasses, such as the current position and the moveTo method. Let's observe how these objects will look in a practical world. It can have constructors and static methods also. Mostly, we don't know about the implementation class which is hidden to the end user , and an object of the implementation class is provided by the factory method. Moreover, since the use of abstract classes implicitly deals with base types and subtypes, we're also taking advantage of Polymorphism.

Some of these states and behaviors are the same for all graphic objects for example: position, fill color, and moveTo. If you observe the Shape class serves in our goal of achieving inheritance and polymorphism. Instead of curly braces, an abstract method will have a semoi colon ; at the end.

Final Keyword in Java Now, assume you write code to create objects for the classes depicted above. You cannot instantiate them, and they may contain a mix of methods declared with or without an implementation.

And Java 8 adds another wrinkle with default methodswhich can sometimes take the place of needing to create an abstract class altogether.

Abstract classes can have Constructors, Member variables and Normal methods.

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Class Members An abstract class may have static fields and static methods. Hence this is not desirable. We will learn about the factory method later.

An Abstract Method is a method that has just the method definition but does not contain implementation. It can have final methods which will force the subclass not to change the body of the method.

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Java Abstract Class and Methods with EXAMPLE