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It may be possible nominalistically to interpret theories of function spaces on the real numbers, say. After all, use of second-order logic seems to commit us to the existence of abstract objects: classes.

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This has led to the study of the computable numbers , first introduced by Alan Turing. And the modal nominalist structuralist will want to insist that the relevant concrete systems for arithmetic are those that make the second-order Peano axioms true Hellman With this view, the physical universe can thus be seen as the ultimate foundation of mathematics: it guided the evolution of the brain and later determined which questions this brain would find worthy of investigation. This view bears resemblances to many things Husserl said about mathematics, and supports Kant 's idea that mathematics is synthetic a priori. It therefore does not have the luxury of being purely abstract. Yet appeal to second-order logic in the philosophy of mathematics is by no means uncontroversial. Much in physics, for example, depends upon clearly understanding the scope, power, and impact of Noether's first theorem, named for Emmy Noether. But at least according to many but not all philosophers spacetime regions are physically real. The iterative conception motivates some axioms of ZFC very well the power set axiom, for instance , but fares less well with respect to other axioms, such as the replacement axiom Potter , Part IV. Tegmark's sole postulate is: All structures that exist mathematically also exist physically. Structures and places in structures may not be objects, but they are abstract. For this reason, a number of philosophers of mathematics insist that the postulates of arithmetic should be formulated in a second-order language Shapiro It may be possible nominalistically to interpret theories of function spaces on the real numbers, say. Not surprisingly, then, this approach to mathematics is sometimes associated with theoretical computer science. On the other hand, there is the limitation of size conception of sets, which states that every collection which is not too big to be a set, is a set Hallett

For the ante rem structuralist, the notion of structure is a primitive concept, which cannot be defined in other more basic terms. This appears to be a deep metaphysical ontological problem.

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Other formalists, such as Rudolf CarnapAlfred Tarskiand Haskell Curryconsidered mathematics to be the investigation of formal axiom systems. Recently, some[ who? This position is less strange than it looks at first sight. Attempts have been made to use the concepts of Turing machine or computable function to fill this gap, leading to the claim that only questions regarding the behavior of finite algorithms are meaningful and should be investigated in mathematics.

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Kreisel calls these exercises in informal rigour.

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