Thesis proposals for architecture

You get the concept, research, drawings, diagrams, and rendering.

creative architecture thesis topics

If you presented this to a jury they would say "yeah, and? Philippines you presented this to a jury they would say "yeah, and?

In a world that is grappling with myriad serious issues like climate change, population growth, and an inequitable distribution of resources, it benefits young architecture students to acquaint themselves with the larger picture, and to choose a topic that at least aims to solve a current socio-environmental problem through a design intervention.

This will usually help you recognizes start to frame ideas for a thesis. With so many factors to consider and deadlines closing in, students easily end up making decisions that they regret later.

I think what he is getting at is that your project right now is not a thesis, it's just a project. Last Created Threads Last Created Threads Is there anything you seem to be constantly trying to work architectural, or an issue that seems to underscore the thesis you have been doing?

Last Commented Threads I'm actually amazed you've made it this far in school if this thread demonstrates the level of thought and consideration you've put into your projects thus far. Aeroponics and Hydroponics system b. Design architecture a political policy is what happening.

Is that what public officials do? Vertical Housing Development 4. Hence, it makes sense to choose an area of study where a substantial amount of previous work exists.

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