The pros and cons of marxism essay

Limitations of marxism

The computer has given us many wonderful things used for wonderful purposes, but there are vast ways in which these things have been misused by our people. But it is an absolutely indisputable fact that the process of concentration of capital foreseen by Marx has occurred, is occurring, and indeed has reached unprecedented levels in the course of the last ten years. This innate fear of change is deeply rooted in the collective psyche. That is what the cannibals, the Egyptian priests, Marie Antoinette and Tsar Nicolas all fervently believed. The figure for Spain is nearly 27 per cent, while youth unemployment stands at an incredible 55 per cent, while in Greece no fewer than 62 per cent of the youth—two in every three—are jobless. In many cases, directors of large companies earn times more than their lowest-paid workers. The trading of goods between people, communities, and nations is not an innovative economic practice. They do not really see humans as the unpredictable creatures they are, not possible to stray away from the predictable ideas that functionalists have of people. People felt that society was advancing, despite all the injustices and exploitation that have always characterised this system. All the old bourgeois hypocrisy about morality and family values has been exposed as hollow. Quite apart from the misery and suffering caused to millions of families, from an economic point of view, this represents a staggering loss of production and waste on a colossal scale. Thus Herodotus traces the beginnings of geometry in Egypt to the need to re-measure the inundated land on an annual basis.

Many other factors enter into the complex equation: religion, politics, philosophy, morality, the psychology of different classes and the individual qualities of leaders. The poorest 50 percent of Americans own just 2.

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The basic principles of the Soviet power were not invented by Marx or Lenin. By examining free trade through three different political ideologies: Liberal, Nationalistic, and Marxist approaches, the advantages and disadvantages will become apparent.

The pros and cons of marxism essay

Again, from a scientific standpoint, no other result was possible at that point of social development. But what is Marxism? With no clearly-defined plan of action, leadership or organisation, the masses displayed an astonishing degree of courage, initiative and creativity.

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This power was of the same type as the Paris Commune of Unemployment among young people is soaring everywhere.

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Essay on The Pros and Cons of Marxism