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Constitution-making processes may be designed in an atmosphere of some euphoria—especially if peace has only recently broken out.

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This may be the moment of greatest optimism; it may be the moment when concessions will be most readily made. If the idea of the constitutional moment has any significance, it is probable that the really key moment is when the process is being designed, rather than when the design is being applied.

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Human rights law in these countries is as a result, largely built on legal precedent in the courts' interpretation of constitutional law, whereas that of civil law countries is almost exclusively composed of codified law, constitutional or otherwise. And as the Bush v. It governs the relationships between the judiciary, the legislature and the executive with the bodies under its authority. For an example, see the case study of Uganda in appendix A. Few countries will have an ordinary law on the books that provides for a fully participatory constitution-making process. Nor is it saved by Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act, , as the government has argued in court. Wade and with persistent antiabortion protests, killings of abortion doctors, and efforts to publicize the human nature of the fetuses being aborted. Thus the president retains veto power, but the House of Representatives is entrusted with the power to initiate spending bills. The notification is unconstitutional for violating their fundamental rights under Articles 19 and Perhaps the most important is whether the process, once having started, can be stopped. Under Article V, it takes two-thirds of the states 34 to propose a convention and three-fourths of the states 38 to ratify any proposed amendments. In short, justices interpreting the Constitution wield quiet yet enormous power through judicial review. This may be the moment of greatest optimism; it may be the moment when concessions will be most readily made.

The problem of judicial review and its proper scope is brought into sharp focus in the abortion controversy. December Learn how and when to remove this template message Constitutional law is a major focus of legal studies and research.

An agreement between parties may have no legal force in a technical sense for example, a court might well refuse to hear a case arguing that one side to such an intensely political agreement had reneged on it.

Yet they may not realize this, or they may focus only on certain aspects.

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Wade and with persistent antiabortion protests, killings of abortion doctors, and efforts to publicize the human nature of the fetuses being aborted. This gives particular importance and responsibility to the designers. Once a new constitution is adopted, it is unlikely that it will be attacked for lack of legal validity. In bicameral legislatures, there may be a process laid out for second or third readings of bills before a new law can enter into force. Should it be only a guideline, or should it be legally binding on the bodies that are to make the constitution? Either the court must change its mind which it seldom does or two-thirds of Congress and three-fourths of the states must make an amendment Article V. In Article II, the Constitution sets forth the powers and responsibilities of the branch—the presidency—and makes it clear that the president should be the commander in chief of the armed forces. A recent example is the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which was intended to be included in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe , that failed to be ratified.

So some countries establish their processes by means of a special law perhaps setting out the membership of the constitution-making bodies, the processes for public consultation, and the timetable. Such actions require an authorising legislation, either an act of Parliament or by ordinance.

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For others, the circumstances may dictate that, although amendments or even new documents are widely believed to be necessary, certain groups will stand in the way of using the existing rules, or certain institutions will no longer exist. If the document establishing the deadline does not allow for any extension, and an extension is essential, it may be necessary to change that document. The key here is to understand that there is no explicit mention in the Constitution of any right of privacy. Florida Board of Regents, or the Citizens United v. Which of the two parts of the contradictory command would be binding on the Convention then? Study of constitutional law[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. In addition, the Philadelphia Convention altered the ratification process. Courts rarely hold that the regime and the constitution under which they are serving are illegal, though it happened in Nigeria in and Fiji in and As Justice Harry Blackmun argued in his majority opinion in Roe v. It may be necessary to pass a law to set out the process. When a constitution establishes a federal state , it will identify the several levels of government coexisting with exclusive or shared areas of jurisdiction over lawmaking, application and enforcement. Abortion became a lucrative service business after Roe v. There may be other significance attached to the form of the blueprint.

Certain forms may have greater acceptance or legitimacy in the eyes of the previously disputing groups in society.

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