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Those who have been judged as deserving of punishment for their misdeeds will be sent to Gehenna, to stay there for a length of time commensurate with the seriousness of their transgressions. Death due to old age is celebrated in a majority of the cultures as it symbolizes good death. The Greek and the Romans had the same belief system about life after death. Dying is an unavoidable part of life. In the Hindu scriptures, Yama holds dominion over the bright realms and can be influenced in determining a soul's admission by offerings made for the benefit of the deceased by relatives and friends. On this day, the whole world will be razed and abolished, and Allah will lift the dead from their tombs to be judged. New York, Poe went to England for schooling for 5 years as a child Dickinson makes rich use of rhythm and imagery in order to convey this theme along with several underlying emotions and musings tied up with the notion of death Many religions have mixed views and beliefs on the afterlife which will be discussed to shed light on this aspect of world religions. The idea of living over and over again, reincarnation or rebirth, takes away the idea that you only live once or you only get one chance to live your life and do the right thing. To Buddhists, the human person is but a temporary assemblage of various elements, both physical and psychical, and none of these individual aspects of a whole person can be isolated as the essential self; nor can the sum of them all constitute the self. One aspect providing people with insight into the culture was the burial practices. Essentially, orthodox contemporary Christianity continues to maintain the position that each new person born receives a new soul that has never before existed in any other form.

Individuals therefore exits and reenters this cycle multiple of times. People have very strong feelings towards religion, and the afterlife just may be the most critical and the most debatable The illustration is a strong reflection of the Christian idea of life after death or.

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There are many mythical creatures created simply because the author felt as though it was a place where all things could happen. The Egyptians viewed life on earth as one stage and death as the beginning of another. So they went to great length to preserve their bodies from decay, through a process called mummification. This would be more of a natural death where people let go of this life living behind their loved one 's. Most often, nirvana is meant to indicate a transformed state of human consciousness which achieves a reality independent of the material world. According to Egyptian scriptures of the time, when a person dies parts of his body know as Ka and Ba would go to the Kingdom of the Dead, while his soul would wander in the Fields of Aaru, the Egyptian heaven. They would leave flowers and food in temples to show their respect. He states that he imagines a place where he could remember his present life. So we actually cannot die. In Buddhism, death is a process that is continuous in a cycle of death, rebirth, and reincarnation. The deceased had to stand in front of forty-two divine judges and successfully pass their tests Faulkner Understanding the development and belief system they had with the physical and afterlife, you would have to know a little bit about the location of the area, which the Egyptians began to rise. Generally, the soul is believed to have its roots in the world of the divine, and after the physical death of the body, the soul returns to the place of its spiritual origin. The significance of that meaning is what may be called allegory.

The Buddhist answer is difficult to comprehend; the various components in the perpetual process of change that constitute human beings do not reassemble themselves by random chance. On that fateful day, both Israel and the Gentile nations will be summoned to the place of judgment by the blowing of the great shofar ram's horn to awaken the people from their spiritual slumber.

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It is obvious that most or all of the tens of thousands of faith groups around the world are mistaken in their beliefs. If people are stressed about what could happen in the afterlife, most of the time their death will not be peaceful.

The Romans had a level called Elysian Fields where the warriors and heroes went, basically the people who have done well for mankind Cremation that is common with the Hindus is meant to prepare the elements that form the body to return to their respective spheres while the separated soul is returned to the world.

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For more fundamental and conservative Christians, the terrifying graphic images depicted over the centuries of the Last Judgment have been too powerful to be eliminated from doctrinal teachings, so they envision a beautiful place high above the Earth where only true believers in Jesus may reign with him.

Desire, in reference to sex is displayed as a destructive force by the author Tennessee Williams, which leads to a series of tragic events in the life of Blanche Dubois, the protagonist.

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The Egyptians felt that they needed to pray and build temples for these gods and goddesses to stay in their favor.

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How the Major Religions View the Afterlife