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In the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Baum,leadership empowerment skills are displayed pertaining to accountability.

Team rules in the workplace

Another option is for facilitators to list the rules they commonly use, and then ask for additional ground rules from participants. We will be brief and focus on facts, not opinions. Different approaches are appropriate in different circumstances. If the conflict cannot be handled through team meetings, we will forward the problem to the class instructor for assistance. We will emphasize collaboration and use consensus for important decisions and issues. We will emphasize full discussion and resolution of issues vs. The first acknowledgment of a rule violation can be phrased as a reminder. Ground rules are the standards of conduct for mediation , arbitration , and consensus building. As a team, we agree that proper communication will make this team a success. Expectations for Time Management and Involvement Participation. What are Ground Rules?

We emphasize open and honest communication — there are no hidden agendas. When parties will be working with each other for an extended period of time, especially when trust is lowthey often use written ground rules.

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In many instances, ground rules are developed by the facilitator before the first meeting and are sent in draft form to the parties for their review. Before or during the first meeting, the program manager talks to participants about these guidelines to make sure that the rules are clearly understood.

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Related Links. Rules such as no interrupting, giving every participant equal opportunities to speak, and refraining from judgmental and caustic responses all help to create and sustain safe spaces for communication and foster a sense of security among participants.

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