Sustainable design master thesis outline

With predominantly rental blocks catered mostly for vulnerable communities, it has high rates of senior, unemployment and low incomes — reportedly sometimes with dysfunctional families and youth lacking perspectives. Thesis Students will be required to submit and defend an original research thesis.

Technological advancements in the improvement of microclimatic control supported the rise of new architecture typologies supporting high-density living in cities. Caves, as one of the most primitive forms of architecture, gave us the fundamental principle of microclimatic control through a form of passive cooling known as earth cooling.

This retains the social network, gives time for culture to grow while adding vitality to the urban context and most importantly allows flexibility in city planning.

sustainable architecture thesis topics

Amplification — Term 10 Thesis — Yeo Song Pei Progress in architecture from past to present had often revolved around improving the form of indoor microclimatic control to provide cooling comfort for human habitation.

The purpose of the thesis is to explore the alternative attitude towards transformation that preserves the community. PDF filesuploaded by the applicant to their Student Centre, upon submission of their online application.

The studio will speculate about potentials of urban and architectural design to initiate processes of transition.

creative architecture thesis topics

However, the changing styles in architecture had also gradually reduced the surface solar performance, requiring additional energy usage through the use of mechanical heating and cooling and heating to reestablish a comfortable indoor environment.

Architecture often conjures images of a series of walls between spaces and activities in the minds if people. As the surfaces have always been used to mediate between climate and activities, as well as to protect users and shape our indoor microclimate, the importance of such surfaces should not be neglected.

sustainable design master thesis outline

Situated in an area with high property values, it could be either under threat of redevelopment — or set instead am example for alternative urban prototypes. Due to the lack of knowledge and tools to evaluate the energy performance of buildings, the evolution in the design of such surfaces did not take into account energy performances as one of the drivers of design in architecture.

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Sustainable Architecture, Evaluation and Design