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Ending As for the ending, if Picture 4 is provided, students should describe what is shown. Encourage her to describe using her 5 senses Sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Since her blog post was due on Monday night, she had to find a way to write something to wow her readers—and fast.

She is dedicated to helping her students do well in the language through a focus on the learning process. Many students still tend to describe the weather, even when the main character is indoors: White magnolia clouds drifted across the sky and the sun beat down on everyone.

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Mrs Tan tucked her baby in the pram. Try applying the 5 senses by leaving a comment below! To lengthen a sentence meaningfully, use the following template to guide you: Adapted from: Layers of Learning For example: The article greedy adjective dog noun ran verb quickly adverb of manner to the table of food adverb of place. Relevant Posts. If you were to describe a bully, which senses would you use to describe him? They might also imagine upbeat music playing in the background and hear the chatter of partygoers. We need to compose our text like a nice piece of music, flowing. Oftentimes, students may not know how to do so. Look at the story mountain below for points that students should be thinking about when planning the beginning, middle and end of their story: 2. They think for a moment, and then they start writing and writing and writing till they consider it is time to finish, and so they finish. Story writing is more than just picture description.

Thunder roared and lightning flashed. More than 18, parents have downloaded this ebook for their children.

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What can be felt? Just follow the 8 steps we will show you. What is the character feeling? All your child needs to do is to resolve the problem or conflict in a logical way. Could the characters work out a compromise? Ensure that the story has a proper closure. Language tip : Always use specific verbs and adjectives to describe the place. That is probably the worst approach to composition writing.

Oftentimes, students may not know how to do so. She also likes hugging fat cats.

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Remember that these ideas must explain, expand, support or prove the opening sentence, and none of these ideas may modify or contradict it. Final Words.

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Start With an Action Not with any action, of course, but with an action that is usually happening at the climax or leading to the climax of the story. They might also imagine upbeat music playing in the background and hear the chatter of partygoers. Provide closure. Example of good points:. As you can easily perceive, A is a good example of oral English, but it would be totally unacceptable for a composition. Moreover, examination halls require silence. Almost dark.

Imagine that you have been given a story with pictures depicting a class party. Language tip : Young writers should learn to make use of sentence starters adverbs and sentence-middles conjunctions to improve the sentence fluency. This is the most important part of the story.

Another example of O.

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