Somme essay

Although the German army was severely damaged, the our army still suffered its largest ever loss in a single day.

Somme essay

The two sources however were very different from each other. Many of the British shells failed to explode and the German trenches remained heavily fortified.

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Although no single technology was responsible for winning the war, together they changed the way the war was fought and that is why I think technological innovations were significant. The opposing armies fought in a line of trenches over Kilometers long. Source A is a balanced source. When field Marshall Haig was appointed commander of the British forces, he was 54 years old. Source B gives us a first person view of the battle as Sergeant Cook was there himself. Germany had believed that a war with Russia was likely to occur and if that happened then they would also come into attack from France. It is mainly famous due to the loss of 58, British troops on the first day of battle 1st July Related Interests. On the surface it seems that very little land was gained over an extensive battle at the cost of many lives Their bodies, weighed down with packs and guns, simply sank beneath the sodden earth. Before the battle of the Somme started there was a lot to prepare such as getting the troops signed up in The German offensive slowly gained ground and the desperate French pleaded for assistance from the British. A private group of concerned citizens got together at American Lake to organize a training program that was designed for non-enlistment personnel.

Just as this became apparent, the British launched an offensive of their own, along the River Somme; The British commanders plan of attack was simple.

This victory gave the North an offensive position in the war, won a major battle, gave the North hope, and proved that the North was capable of beating the South Finally, Source F is neither agreeing with the statement nor disagreeing with it.

The source writes that for such a catastrophic loss, only a small set of results are displayed. For such philosophies, to live peaceably and to want to live peaceably is to live inauthentically, or not truly live at all.

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While only taking the throne as a regent for her son Pisindelis, Artemisia became known as perspicacious female Admiral in the Persian Navy that practiced a spirit for adventure and acquired an appetite for warfare.

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