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The language enthusiast has penned more than 70 books in Tamil, represented Tamilnadu in the International Thirukkural Conference held at Malaysian University early this year. The year-old writer adds that his experience of serving as the Tamil teacher for Government Higher Secondary School, Nanganallur for 25 years and as the Headmaster for Chengalpet Girls Higher Secondary School for 10 years pushed him to write vernacular books to promote Tamil medium of education.

News Today had featured the club in its edition dated 14 April.

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This gave rise to the Centre for the Study of Tamil as a Classical Language in Chennai, but it took another year to obtain official Tamil translations in Tamil Nadu courts.

Advocates of purism popularised Tamil literature and crusaded for it, organising rallies in villages and towns and making Tamil purism a political issue. The renowned teacher is one of the founding members of the club, Thirukkural Peravai, that teaches children about the greatness of much-acclaimed Thirukkural.

Inthe Indian National Congress government passed a law making Tamil the official language of Tamil Naduand in set up the Tamil Development and Research Council to produce Tamil textbooks in the natural and human sciences, accounting, mathematics, and other subjects.

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A series of children's encyclopaedias, commentaries on Sangam poetry, and a history of the Tamil people were published in

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