Reading maketh a full man essay

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That will clear up our thoughts. If we analyze and study their lives we could see how their education, interactions with others and writings have made them citizens of the world.

Reading maketh a full man essay

And, therefore, if a man writes little, he had needed have a great memory; if he confers little, he had need of a ready wit; and if he read little, he had need of much cunning to seem to know that he knoweth not". Thus one may read books on dozens of different interests and this reading surely goes to make him a full or an all-round man. Reading different types of texts make an even fuller man. For all these reasons Bacon says, that writing makes an exact man. So if you are considered to be lack of wisdom, history will teach you how to think and heighten your ability of analyzing and solving problems. The compactness, the exactness, the sequence of logic, all these make good writing. Such people of wide knowledge are really useful.

Simply the ability to read. For a public speaker must have a full mind, readiness of speech, and an accurate and exact knowledge of his subject. Reading offers us a marvelous word, comfort our soul and improve our capability, and hence all these impacts together will make a full man. Unless they study professional publications later they cannot be up to date.

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This initiative should open the hitherto closed door for many and make them aware of the extensive powers that reading has. So, parents and teachers will have to set the ball rolling.

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One may read materials pertaining to his profession or personal interest; he may also read books on other areas for fun. All the possible sides of a problem are not presented. Most prefer to play a game on a computer or be active on social media, rather than to get involved in a simple activity such as reading. Did you know that there are nearly million people around the world today who cannot read? The reading may be light as a weekend magazine or it may be a master piece. He must be a good conversationalist and listener and must never be offensive or must not wound the feelings of the other. For pleasure we read a lot in our own mother tongue and in other languages as well. To be a good conversationalist one requires certain qualities. For a promising prospect and high salary after graduation? The right word in the right place shows the depth of knowledge of the writer and his penmanship. Reading involves a considerable level of concentration and thus, nurtures patience. Shakespeare, Byron and Shelley will put color on your life. That will clear up our thoughts. Reading is the one of the fundamental learning. The practical bearing of his reading on life is pointed out.

What ever is written the flow of words shows the man.

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