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articles of philippine nursing law 2002

Annual Report. Prohibitions in the Practice of Nursing. Declaration of Policy. Then the House subsequently adopted Senate Bill as an amendment to HB on February 2, before the adjournment of session. Nursing diagnosis is already included in the assessment part.

They shall be appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines from among two 2 recommendees, per vacancy, of the Professional Regulation Commission, hereinafter referred to as the Commission, chosen and ranked from a list of three 3 nominees, per vacancy, of the accredited professional organization of nurses in the Philippines who possess the qualifications prescribed in SEC.

BSN graduates are assumed to already possess core competencies expected from a nurse. The full enforcement of this Act examination shall be held in the City of subject to the review and Manila or in such places as may be decided approval by the Commission.

Paquiz, a nurse herself, said Republic Actotherwise known as the "Philippine Nursing Act of ," must be repealed to make the law more germane to the present and future health situation and needs of the country.

Isidro T.

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Rating in the Examination. Term of Officer. For gross incompetence and serious ignorance; d. Isidro T. Masters degree in Nursing must be a requirement since the BON members are leaders in the nursing profession. Approved September 7, To address all levels of practicing nurses. The nurse is required to maintain competence by continual learning through continuing professional education to be provided by the accredited professional organization or any recognized professional nursing organization: Provided, finally, That the program and activity for the continuing professional education shall be submitted to and approved by the Board. Section Requirements Upon Sec. Powers and Duties of the Board. The Commission shall designate the Secretary of the Board and shall provide the secretariat and other support services to implement the provisions of this Act.

Rule IV, Nursing Education 9. Supervise and regulate the practice shall, at the time of their appointment, possess of the nursing profession. Section 7.

article of the philippine nursing law of 2002

The government and private hospitals are hereby mandated to maintain the standard nurse-patient ratio set by the Department of Health.

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