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Some was shipped to Somalia and Zimbabwe. They also worked hand-in-hand onsite to improve efficiencies and develop quality programs to ensure safety.

Mardi Manary Administrator. Children are defined as healthy, moderately acutely malnourished, or severely acutely malnourished according to international standards and guidelines.

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After a brief conversation, we recognized our mutual passion for making a difference in the lives of children in need. We have no doubt Dr. Joachim Landes Director of Operations.

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Lynda Trigu Production Manager. In this two-part series, we caught up with Jeff King, senior director, global brand for Hershey to find out more about the project and their plans for the future. Read our case study on Dr. How did the relationship start? Project Peanut Butter was officially founded and began producing food in Malawi in Inside the Project Peanut Butter faculty in Ghana. Manary can do it. Some was shipped to Somalia and Zimbabwe. So far, the factory project has provided jobs for dozens of Malawian construction workers. In addition to his professorship in the United States, Dr. While Hershey was pleased to have provided an opportunity for its employees to work with the PPB team, I think it is important to know that all the people volunteered their time and energy above and beyond their day jobs both here in the U.

This year, in addition to providing on-going support, Hershey employees contributed to a matching fund program initiated by Hershey. Manary by joining with us in our efforts to save young lives. Scholars Mark J.

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So far, the factory project has provided jobs for dozens of Malawian construction workers. Over the course of a year, these men and women generously contributed their expertise applying it to plant design, processing capabilities and infrastructure support including recommending changes to the peanut-grinding process to reach a finer peanut blend for a higher-quality RUTF.

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Manary has committed his life to solving the problem of child malnutrition. While Hershey did not have commercial presence in Ghana, we have a long history there and all of West Africa as it has been our largest source of cocoa for more than 50 years and we are committed to helping farmers improve their sustainability and investing in the economical development of local communities. The clinic will be up and running this spring and I hope to be there for the occasion! He devotes several months each year to overseeing RUTF production at Project Peanut Butter's factories in Africa and travels from village to village treating thousands of malnourished children. Linda has been with PPB since You can also help us fund other heroes like Dr. Mark Manary , a pediatrician from St.

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Project Peanut Butter Factories: Saving Young Lives in Africa • World of Children