Project communication management

What are the major types of communications? Simply put, it is in this process that you implement the communication needs of stakeholders. Stakeholder register is an important input to this process.

products of project communication management process

Creation of messages for communication. In the next section, let understand the communication channel with the help of an example. You may use some communications for awareness, like a status report, and others that require action, such as requiring a sponsor to authorize spending, or a customer to approve project testing.

The inputs to this process are the project communications, project management plan, and issue log, which have a list of issues that are raised by different project stakeholders, data related to the work being performed on the project, and various other project documents which may have to be communicated.

Information distribution in project communication management

If you over-communicate, they may stop paying attention. Enterprise environmental factors are the other inputs to this process. Let us now understand the different elements of the communication model. Other inputs include work performance data and organizational process assets. The communications management plan is the primary output of this process, which lays down the procedures around communications in the organization. Many organizations have standard templates to prepare communication management plan, which is part of the organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors. The sender encodes the message and sends it to the receiver. The project manager must know the communication processes involved in effective project management. If you send information through an email system, all those stakeholders who need similar information can be marked in CC in the email. Next, that information must be made readily available to the stakeholders and generated in a timely fashion. The actual type of monitoring, including method and frequency, should be a part of the communication management plan. The other outputs include project management plan updates, project document updates, and organizational process assets updates. By the end of this process, you will have created a Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Management strategy. As a result of this process, some other project documents may also get updated.

In the CAPM exam, you may be asked to calculate the number of communication channels in a scenario based question. In some organizations, there are guidelines for communication distribution.

You may need to conduct meetings before agreeing on and finalizing the communications management plan.

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What Is Project Communication Management