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However, his term included an unpopular motor vehicle tax and citizens' anger over the escape of Cuban refugees from the Mariel boatlift detained in Fort Chaffee in Elected in and sworn into office on January 20, Clinton lived a lively presidential life and broke many records as president.

However, at the Democratic National Convention, Clinton squandered an opportunity to announce himself as an obvious future presidential candidate when he delivered an excruciatingly long and boring nomination speech for Michael Dukakis.

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When Bush compromised with Democrats to try to lower Federal deficits, he reneged on his promise not to raise taxeswhich hurt his approval rating. They liked what he was doing for the country and supported him no matter what Truman once said.

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Bill Clinton to many people is viewed as bad president over his scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky. How Tall Is Bill Clinton? The first was his failure to obtain health care reform. Clinton worked with future two-term mayor of Dallas Ron Kirk , [38] future governor of Texas Ann Richards , [39] and then unknown television director and future filmmaker Steven Spielberg. As the smoke cleared, discussions began to question what trend had allowed the media to print such sordid details about our top elected official. It's more than possible, of course. Bill was named after his father, William Jefferson Blythe II, who had been killed in a car accident just three months before he was born. In Recent Years Bill Clinton played an active role in Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid and, afterward, in Barack Obama 's successful presidential campaign. The family settled in Hot Springs, Ark. However, in February , following a five-week trial, the Senate voted to acquit Clinton on both articles of impeachment.

As a young boy, Clinton lived with his grandparents while his mom was in New Orleans, Louisiana attending nursing school. Russell L.

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