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And if not, how to provide workable criteria to improve the situation. What are the risks of setting up internationalized ad hoc tribunals, as currently discussed for the conflict in South Sudan? The consequence of such a confronting situation is the possibility of a rift between the African Court and the ICC.

Moreover, by examining similarities and differences between the liability regimes of the vessel-induced damage and the damage stemming from offshore drilling, a comparative approach will be employed as a way of helping illuminate different perspectives that may yield a more profound understanding on this matter.

Hans Nelen, Mr.

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Fabian Raimondo Description: With the evolving nature of international criminal law, the establishment of regional criminal court might have come of age with the proposed international criminal law jurisdiction of the African court.

Schoenmaekers Description: Making sure qualifications can be used abroad is an important aspect of mobility. The thesis findings show that exploring both the micro and macro-levels provide important insights into judicial behaviour at the ICTs.

Kid Schwarz and prof. In other cases, administrative decisions have not been suspended for the sole reason that the project in question was already mostly completed.

international criminal court

Therefore, the research seeks to examine to what extent will the establishment of an African Court be compatible with the regime of the International Criminal Court?

However, reminiscences of the old first-to-use systems are still present in modern laws. Hans Nelen, and dr. Monica Claes Description: A complex mosaic of short-term emergency and long-term strategic legal and political measures has been adopted in Europe in the context of the Euro crisis.

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