Overcrowded prisons essay

They many rob, steal, or possibly assault someone in their community. America has four percent of the world population ,but twenty-five percent of the world population of incarcerated people Forty one percent of American juveniles have been or going to be arrested before the age of However, it probably would have occurred at the point in social evolution when collective vengeance was first substituted for private vengeance.

Overcrowded prisons essay

Many would be opposed to the early release of those who have committed even menial crimes without thought to the issue of overcrowding. The PLRA, was sort of counter productive because it did not achieve the interest of congress fully. It is said that prison should be used for more serious crimes such as rape, assault, homicide and robbery David, Also, something that people should remember is that not everyone in jail has been convicted; many are awaiting trial or some are trying to immigrate to the US and are being held until their case can be reviewed. In America there are way too less prisons and too many prisoners. This huge rate of growth in this short amount of time, has greatly contributed to the prison overcrowding that the United States faces today. Prison is used heavily for punishment and prevention of crime, correctional systems in the U.

There are both pros and cons when it comes to effects on communities with this issue. This enormous flood of inmates has made it practically impossible for prison officials to keep up with their facilities and supervise their inmates. Today in the United States, there are approximatelyfederal inmates that consist of the Bureau of Prisons Custody, private managed facilities and other facilities.

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The purpose of the law was to elongate the sentence of time spent in prison for repeat offenders, mainly focusing in violent or major crimes.

The biggest issue today is overcrowding.

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An article in Impaired Driver Update. Successfully rehabilitating inmates can play an important role in the fight to Prison Overcrowding There are overcrowded prisons all over the world. There are also many effects of prison overcrowding on inmates and correctional staff health as well as the effects on correctional staff safety. The probation system cannot solve the whole overcrowding problem but could help immensely. Prison Math. This number grows overtime and it reaches a point that the space cannot contain it no more It was mainly used to control the prison system populations. We shall also look into the aging population of prisons and the overcrowding based on this phenomenon. This is a major problem that is effecting every prison system throughout the country. If inmates are able to attend programs for drug treatment, social disorders, and dealing with issues like abuse as a child the prison population could decrease. The cost of incarceration, and the effect it has on the economy, in the United States is a major issue. The biggest issue today is overcrowding.

Not only are prisons affected, communities are also directly and indirectly affected by prison overcrowding. This is causing prisons to become extremely unsanitary, have a harder time controlling the mass amount of inmates, as well as the inmate 's health Before the inmate was placed near his or her program but now they are placed where ever there is a bed.

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Issue 4, p. As one of the biggest single problems within the prison system.

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Prison Overcrowding Essay