Orangutans their ecological role in rainforests and the risk of extinction

In Borneo the productivity of fruit is relatively low. Scientists estimate they are home to more than 10, species of plants. This number has dropped by around 50 percent from the last population estimate done in Many of these birds live on only one or two small islands.

sumatran orangutan facts

Poachers kill the mothers and then sell their babies as pets. Though Sumatran elephants are protected under Indonesian law, according to the IUCN, 85 percent of their habitats are located outside of protected areas.

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Smoke from the fires was a health hazard for countries as far away as Singapore and Malaysia. More than 80 percent of these forests have been exploited in the last two decades and the trend has only been speeded up, the WWF says.

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Indonesia’s Rainforests: Biodiversity and Endangered Species