Opera and wozzeck

She is wearing gold earrings the Drum Major gave her.

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The drunken Drum Major enters and starts a fight with Wozzeck, and Wozzeck is thrown on the ground. After a brief hunter's chorus, Andres asks Wozzeck why he is sitting by himself.

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Marie reads in the Bible about Mary Magdalene. Though he is suspicious, Wozzeck gives her his pay and leaves. The Doctor and the Captain pass by and hear the sound of a man drowning but they hurry on.

An Apprentice delivers a drunken sermon, then an Idiot approaches Wozzeck and cries out that the scene is "Lustig, lustig The titular Woyzeck is a fusilier in the army of his city-state unnamed in the opera.

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Wozzeck replies he is poor and has no choice. Marie and Wozzeck walk in the woods. Marie and the Drum Major dance in a garden, watched by Wozzeck. Wozzeck, trying to forget everything, is wooing Margaret. Wozzeck maintains that poor people cannot afford morality. The Doctor is experimenting on Wozzeck for which he pays the latter money when Wozzeck tells him that he has been seeing visions. I smell, I smell blood". Share this page:. Wozzeck broke his promise when he urinated, and the Doctor rejects his explanations that he was forced to do it by nature. The Doctor then proceeds to scare the Captain by speculating what afflictions may strike him. Wozzeck throws away the murder weapon, a knife, deep into a pond. Though he is suspicious, Wozzeck gives her his pay and leaves. Scene ii A path to the woods by a pond Wozzeck and Marie go out for a walk outside the town.

Live recording from the Munich Philharmonie. Her son tells her a story about a hungry orphan. Marie, who is troubled by these visions, gradually abandons Wozzeck and has an affair with the Drum Major, who seduces her. Andres tells him to go back to sleep.

A blood-red moon rises and Wozzeck stabs Marie.

Opera and wozzeck
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Decoding the music masterpieces: Alban Berg's Wozzeck, an apocalyptic descent into madness