Olsons projective verse essay

Let me put it baldly. I would argue that here, too, the LAW OF THE LINE, which projective verse creates, must be hewn to, obeyed, and that the conventions which logic has forced on syntax must be broken open as quietly as must the too set feet of the old line.

for how long has free verse seemed to dominate the contemporary poetry    scene?

When we dream, our brains fashion characters and stories from the accidental discharging of neural potentials, from the whispers of stray ions, from the long chain molecules that diffuse in the interstices of our nerves. Alfred Prufrock. The morning had been cloudy, but now the sky was drying out, cracking around the edges, peeling back to show blue.

In this relationship, the signifier is clearly the scapegoat term. Can Olson himself abide by his own poetic principles, overcoming his Egotistical Sublime?

form is never more than an extension of content

The fluidity of it when I know what I am about to type before-hand literally, before my hands move encourages me to go faster, faster, hurry the sentence onwards and the logic to its conclusion.

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Charles Olson’s Projective Verse: The Breath and the Line