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Lastly, the more reliable the distribution of the product is improves the sales and results in more profits. The insights provoke new ways of thinking and innovating. Green Xchange, Considered Design and Considered Design Index Now, Nike is driven to affect systemic change through open collaboration and designing products with sustainable design choices.

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Lastly, Nike has a good relationship with its customer, which creates some sort of brand loyalty. Moreover, Nike tries to extend its personal relationships by sponsoring events which are unrelated to the company and by participating to philanthropic causes worldwide. Weaknesses Stoney 9 i. Finally, through planning and reducing their waste stream approximately ,, plastic bottles have been saved from landfills and used in polyester textiles. The image and reputation of the company has been enhanced by the high quality products and services provided by the company. Customers determine the success or failure of a company because they can decide to buy or not to buy the products of the company. New York: Free Press. Portfolio of Products Isaac 5 II. History, Development, and Growth From their marketing strategies to their selling philosophies, Nike has developed one of the most recognizable and demanded name and logo tandems ever created These ads were aired during prime time television hours and were solely targeted for pre-teen school students. It officially became Nike, Inc.

Business Model Isaac 6 IV. For a workout product to appeal to an athletic woman, the ad must show the female reader the unique qualities that stand out from other products.

Nike's quality products, public relations, loyal customer base and its great marketing techniques all contribute to the success of the company.

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There are funny ads to make us laugh, educational ads to inform us, sad ads that make us cry, and health and fitness ads to encourage and motivate us. The author even focuses on the segmentation, targeting and positioning of the products, consumer behaviour towards Nike and conducts a PESTLE analysis. For example a person may put choosing a car as just for a means of transport from point A to point B but for another individual a car is not only used as a mode of transport but also as a means of his lifestyle With points of sale, stores in the top three cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and 50 cities with 3 or more stores, Nike is primed to begin pushing into the second tier cities Nike also focuses on minority owned businesses. They also market their shoes by fashion, as modern, and as cool enough. Not only has the company become one of the largest athletic companies in the world it also own several …show more content… There is a story about him using his wife's waffle iron to cast the rubber soles for his shoes because he thought the pattern would help with traction but the sources are inconsistent. The target market for Nike is the young athletes and they are loyal to Nike as through advertising, Nike connects to this audience by demonstrating a keen understanding of their psyche and lifestyle. Nike is the leader in the U. Holloway, , para 7 Inspired design originates not just from input on functionality, but as Hatfield explains: You have to spend time getting to know an athlete, his motivations and his life. The Europeans are known for their desire of things with a Western culture association and like fashion with trend associations.

Nike who has a huge market share is able to control its costs to maintain performance advantage over emerging competitors in the industry. This shoes are made to use them in some sports. The reasons they moved are they can hire workers at very low wages, the companies do not have to pay any employee benefits, they do not have to worry about safety and environmental regulations and they do not have to pay foreign taxes when they export their products back Nike also created a new rubber that targets the reduction of the most toxic chemicals and shared the formula with the entire industry.

Dan Weiden, talking fondly of Nike 's can-do state of mind, allegedly said, "You Nike fellows, you take care of business.

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Sell: From June to January Nike employees donated 17, hours for community projects just in their North America retail stores.

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Nike pays particular focus on the athlete more than other individual consumers.

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