Negotiation sally saprano i teacher feedback

Or is it achieving an objectively good outcome?


Focusing on interests compels the parties to listen carefully to each other to discover what each believes is really important.

These facts also reduce the strategies and tactics that would be wise to employ in negotiating this arrangement. This could, if caged properly and in a manner that is kind and articulate, create an even further sense of partnership.

Sally soprano negotiation answers

What monetary interests do they have that go beyond this particular negotiation? An agreement based on such criteria can free up the parties to invent options more creatively, knowing that the final evaluation will exclude those that do not meet the criteria agreed upon. How did you talk about each sides interests? Attention would be paid to the effect of a poor or good BATNA on ones negotiation style and strategy. Is it winning by doing better than the other side? The advantages of the unfamiliar Unlike other role-plays that may spotlight more typical settings, like a real-estate deal, Sally Soprano is set squarely in the opera — an arena with which most participants are unfamiliar. A poor BATNA may justify being more risk-averse, but this does not necessarily mean one must ask for less. A listing of these standards is supplied in Appendix A. In general, those standards that fit this situation more closely e. You may want to review the roles with the Lyric Operas business managers and Sally Sopranos agents separately before the negotiation. In order to explore the interests of parties at the table, the negotiation process should include the opportunity to brainstorm possible approaches to problems without the commitment to options proposed by either party.

However, when another soprano falls ill, the Lyric Opera is eager to hire Sally… but at what price? Another strategic element I would need to employ is being very direct about the current situation and using the highlights for her career to build value in a potential partnership between herself and The Lyric for upcoming performances.

See Appendix B. Positional bargaining occurs when parties do not focus on interests. Time is critical, but the correct person is just as crucial and the fact is that The Lyric does not have a viable option at this stage of the game other than Sally Soprano.

Negotiation sally saprano i teacher feedback

This does not mean the agents cannot or should not agree on a recommended settlement, which would not be renegotiated without new information. Focusing on the actual interests as opposed to the positions of both parties to the negotiations will keep the matter from becoming personal or polarizing and will keep an agreement that is equitable and expedient much more likely within our brief window of opportunity.

Is it winning by doing better than the other side?

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