Mintzberg henry ahlstrand bruce and lampel joseph 1998 strategy safari

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So this is a book of the school of thought on strategy formation both in publication and in practice. The very encouragement of strategy to get on with it -- its very role in protecting people in the organization from distraction -- impedes their capacity to respond to changes in the environment.

We all know what a whole elephant is, yet we often have to describe it by its parts. Here the real strategy as plan, that is, the real intention is the threat, not the expansion itself, and as such is a ploy.

Mintzberg henry ahlstrand bruce and lampel joseph 1998 strategy safari

Strategy, as mental set, can blind the organization to its own outdatedness. William Starbuck has written that to discuss "all aspects of organization which are relevant to adaptation Three wonders of the world would fall a little flat, so to speak, while eighteen would be daunting. In Peter Drucker's memorable phrase, this is its "theory of the business. That is the price of having a strategy. They are simultaneously planful and incremental, directive and participative, controlling and empowering, visionary and detailed. Of course, not all of this comes from the field of management.

For the learning school, the world is too complex to allow strategies to be developed all at once as clear plans or visions. We function best when we can take some things for granted, at least for a time.

An elephant is more than that. Just ask those people who happily described their realized strategies over the past five years what their intended strategies were five years earlier.

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Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Mangament by Henry Mintzberg