How to write a user manual for a game

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Many user manuals have instructions that are incomplete, incorrect, or simply have no bearing on the actual product. How to give instructions Clearly this is the primary role of the user manual. Check that the instructions match the actual product. Provide a glossary of technical terms. That can make the difference between a clear, concise manual and one that is a mess. Here are some guidelines to help make instructions easy on the user. Beauticians most likely will not want to know how to fix the hairdryer, but they will want to know how to use it. Be Brief and Detailed User manuals need to be brief and detailed. By knowing your audience, you know what type and how much information to put in the manual about a particular topic. Being conversational when writing a user manual will help readers feel better about finding an answer they need.

Usually, if people see an example, the explanation will be clearer to them. Give your draft manual to someone who doesn't know anything about your game and ask them to read it hopefully they will.

how to write a user manual for a game

Hudson Ohio For starters, I think its good to write out the rules exactly the way you would explain them to someone who has never played a game. Expertise level beginner vs. Follow the timing and sequencing of the actual operations.

how to write user manual for software application

Provide a glossary of technical terms. Understand and Know Your Audience Understanding who your audience is can be half the battle when writing a user manual. Ensure that the index includes likely synonyms.

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How to design individual pages in the user manual In addition to effective instructing, the use of colour, the text and fonts used, and the icons and graphics can all either make for an easy experience or can derail the user. Writing a good user manual requires good technical writing. Good luck! Usually, if people see an example, the explanation will be clearer to them. Denote importance by using contrast, colour, shading, emboldening etc. Avoid using multiple font styles. Ask them to write down--preferably right in the rulebook--sections where they are confused about the rules or some element of the game.

I would read through those posts and then review those rulebooks that the BGG'rs agree are great.

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Tips for writing user manuals