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We hope that helps inspire some of you! I call that a piece of creative cake. You can also say something about the weather Weather condition is something everyone would want to know. Talk about the day or event you enjoyed most about your trip Note that, you have a very limited space on your postcard and therefore you can write about everything. Buying those 0,20 euro or so postcards from key stops on your journey and writing about what you did there can make a brilliant record of your trip that your loved ones will actually enjoy seeing. Share an interesting news bit! Draw a picture of your surroundings, or your favourite object in that room! Give local travelling tips from your area!

Writing became fun again and I was excited to put my internal dialogue into words for others to see. How do you actually fill out a postcard? With a month long backpacking trip on the horizon and a 52 week writing challenge I had fallen significantly behind on, I wanted to see if I still had the creative power to send postcards consistently.

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Fast forward to September of this year. Most postcards will have three lines in place for you to write the address in. The greetings should be on the left side of the postcard and should leave enough room for the message below it. Your message should be on the postcard back The message you intended to send should be written at the back of your postcard. Backstory to the Postcards Project In , my creative slump had been suffocating me for years. Feeling Stuck on Your Essay? Did anything important happen in your country lately? Include a recipe! Flip your post card photo side down to get started. Again, that is probably a very good thing. I know snail mail may be a dying medium, but does it have to be? Pick a relevant postcard Getting a postcard with a relevant image is very important as the picture is very vital in sending the message. What was the last thing you cooked or ate?

Make sure you add more details as long as your space allows. Write your handwritten message.

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These include intimate secrets, bank information, private contacts and any other thing that puts your identity in jeopardy. Again, that is probably a very good thing. Use the blank space on the left hand side of the postcard to write your sentiments, learnings, and anything else you want to share about your travels.

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Email: Join TonyTheDemocrat. Who knew the rack of postcards displayed at the checkout of your local CVS could unleash your full creative potential?

Other than the date, you can also add the specific town, city or country you are writing the postcard from.

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Flip your post card photo side down to get started.

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Why and How to Write a Postcard