How to write a cv for teaching abroad

how to put teaching english abroad on resume

Why stop now? As a university graduate, I have learned the value and rewards of hard work and dedication. While you were a 5th-grade science teacher, you could have also been responsible for leading workshops or coaching sports. Some have better reputations than others.

Teaching english abroad resume example

Who will see your resume first—a computer or a person? A CV contains some information that a resume does not. If you happen to have been an English major in college, great! Joe Hallwood suggests highlighting your personality fit. Ask yourself: "what would a school want to know about me? This counts! Aside from skills related directly to English and teaching, what would you consider your strengths? Mention extra-curricular activities, such as sport or coaching. The demand for English teachers is strong around the globe, and continues to grow. Fill in the gaps. But many European countries and certain organisations require both a qualification Celta or Trinity Cert Tesol and experience — even for entry-level jobs. Seems obvious, right?

While knowledge of the local language generally isn't a requirement for teaching EFL, it doesn't hurt to mention if you are conversant in the local language. But you can do it! You slaved away during an evening planning a lesson and brought it in the next day excited to share it with your students.

New esl teacher resume

In education, CVs are the norm. The description will note the requirements and qualifications for the position. Photograph: Alamy Tefl teaching English as a foreign language is popular with both graduates and career changers. Keep relevancy on the top. Apply to a Carefully Compiled List of Schools The first step in the application process is to narrow down the country and city or cities in which you'd like to teach, and then to collect the contact information for schools in those locales. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to answer them for you. If possible, match them with the words from the job description while giving making it personable, but in a professional light. What were you doing to fill the time? Now put that shiny new resume to good use! They most typically are storefront operations in heavily trafficked areas. Second, you might be wonderfully awesome, but employers hate that. If you can teach another language in addition to English, you would be that much more valuable to the school. PLSs are just that: non-governmental, privately-owned schools which offer classes in English and often other languages as well. How you write your CV depends on the job specification and your background. Highlight any experiences you have working, studying, or traveling abroad.

Perhaps this will be your first job out of college, and you are not sure what information to include on your first resume. These extra activities show great time management skills, and they demonstrate that you're dependable and committed to your school.

How to write a cv for teaching abroad

Depending on the situation, adding these in can help to ease any fears that hiring managers may have about you not being able to commit, and they can move along in considering you as a candidate. Professional Experience put this section before education if you have teaching experience or you're a career changer. Add that to your hard skills. You make all of your deadlines and lesson planning has become second nature. Some have a targeted focus, such as business English or teaching youngsters, but many offer a variety of classes for different ages and skill levels. Keep in mind that you may need to add a bit of info to any employment gaps. This is key! A Look at the Job Market There are different types of teaching positions. Keep your CV brief, highlighting skills such as training, presenting and time-management, for example. Open a job search folder on your computer and create a spreadsheet into which you will enter contact information and notes. So you've decided to teach English abroad. Give details of employers, dates, responsibilities and achievements. If possible, match them with the words from the job description while giving making it personable, but in a professional light. So check these off of your list when updating your resume after teaching abroad. Preparing to write your CV Find the most essential requirements in the job description, then make these prominent.

Do you have a particular skill-set or area of knowledge which might be valuable to a specific group of learners? Many begin teaching EFL English as a foreign language simply as a way to support an extended stay abroad, but find that life as an EFL teacher provides them with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

teaching abroad cv example
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11 Tips to Update Your Resume After Teaching English Abroad