How to write a blurb for an autobiography of a yogi

InYogananda founded a school for boys in Dihika, West Bengal, where yoga was taught along with the typical curriculum. Autobiography of a Yogi 3rd, enlarged ed.

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Completely oblivious to the poor lures of the earth, he was fully awake at all times to the spiritual problems of seekers who approached for his bounty. He would continue to have similar premonitory visions throughout his life.

How to write a blurb for an autobiography of a yogi

A perfect loop was formed for my seizure. I am amazed that people in the West still seem to like this book. But, Holy Sir, I lovingly desire a picture of the bodily temple where alone, to my narrow vision, that Spirit appears fully to dwell. Lahiri Mahasaya! He declined, remarking that even a rupee is important. The accumulation of money for the sake of power was alien to his nature. His intense joy of God-communion is slightly revealed in a somewhat enigmatic smile. I, Mukunda Lal Ghosh 3 , was the second son and the fourth child. Father, Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, was kind, grave, at times stern. Young Mukunda seems to have full and clear recall of events and conversations of his childhood, particularly those that reveal the supernatural and at times, awesome experiences he has as a budding enlightened being. Mother pressed her head repeatedly against the little picture. This time the sacred figure, not cloaked with mysterious imperceptibility, was sharp on the plate.

Yoga is not all about magic and fable that this book makes it out to be. Led by saints and prophets, he eventually takes on that status himself and develops a following that still exists today, as the Self-Realization Fellowship, which is now established globally.

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There's a photograph of Yogananda standing alone with a caption, "Yogananda standing with his master, who did not care to be photographed, so he made himself invisible. Entering his little parlor, we bowed before the master, enlocked in his habitual lotus posture. She was helping me with a Bengali primer, what time I could spare my gaze from the near-by parrots eating ripe margosa fruit.

He dismissed his servants and conveyance, and fell into step beside me. Autobiography of a Yogi 4th ed. The gentle and kind-spirited Yogananda is destined to do many wonderful things, including establishing a progressive school for boys, and bringing eastern Indian spiritual teachings to the western world.

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After Father had made a few conciliatory remarks, Mother happily dismissed the cab. Rider British editions have been published by Rider since

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Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”