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Instead, in and around Konduru, fish ponds of varying sizes glimmer on both sides of the road, with a row of palm trees marking every two ponds.

Fish farm design and construction

Mechanical construction is done with earth-moving machines such as bulldozers and wheel loaders see Section 4. Fish culture received notable attention in the state of Tamil Nadu formerly Madras as early as , and subsequently, states such as Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Baroda, Mysore and Hyderabad initiated fish culture through the establishment of Fisheries Departments and support to fishers and farmers for expansion of the sector. The size of individual ponds generally does not exceed m2. The freshwater prawn farming has received increased attention only in the last two decades due to its high consumer demand. Based on the production cycle, the carp culture is of single stocking-single harvest, single stocking - -multiple harvest and multiple stocking — multiple harvest or rotational type culture. Economically, the continuous importation of frozen fish to the country reduces our GDP, and thus reduces the national income. There is great need and demand for supply of catfish. Pangasius is being farmed under monoculture or polycuIture with carps. When building a barrage pond, it is best to select the period when the flow of the stream to be dammed is minimal. Unlike poultry farming or other farms where you can have other bye products like the animal dung, fish have no such bye products which you can also sale for profit. It is also better to prepare cross-section profiles of the site and the ponds in two perpendicular directions, especially if the site is sloping and if the ponds are to be constructed at different elevations. This fish grows to 1—1. Marketing Strategy 16 b. Twelve hatcheries are in place along the region. With the understanding of the biological basis of fish production, a series of systems are available with varying levels of inputs and outputs, and these can be categorized as low, medium and high input technologies.

Significant developments took place thereafter with the standardization of induced breeding techniques and the development of hatchery systems and composite carp culture with the three Indian major carps and three exotic carps, including silver and grass carp, forming the basis for carp polyculture system.

India is home to more than 10 percent of the global fish diversity. For startup, the firm would need to construct two 2 concrete ponds, each to carry fishes. Growth rate of the industry 4 d.

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Among our future plans is to also purchase hauler trucks Cold room Vehicle to facilitate the selling of our fish as we intend to dominate the whole of North Eastern States.

Mrityunjay Bose, DH News Service, Mumbai, Jan 05pm ist updated: Jan 05pm ist In a bid to increase the fish cache in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, new techniques of fishing would be discussed by experts and fishermen at the sixth Global Konkan Festival in Navi Mumbai to be held from January 6 to 10, High — input system: Higher stocking density combined with higher feed inputs is the typical characteristics of intensive culture system aimed at higher fish production from unit area.

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All other types of work are done manually. Importance of fish culture as an economically promising enterprise was gradually implemented in India. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has co-ventured the startup and financing of many businesses. She would serve as the firms Administrative Head. Setting up fish farm requires more careful planning and much capital input. There is concern that the untrammelled growth could result in quality issues and health scares. As far as brackish water aquaculture in India is concerned, it has a long history of traditional practice in bheries of West Bengal and pokkali fields of Kerala. The current combined turnover of marine and inland fish production is around Rs 4, crore. History and general overview Aquaculture in India has a long history, with references to fish culture in Kautilya's Arthashastra — B. Acquiring Land a.

About 9 million hectares of salt—affected land has been estimated in the hot semi-arid and arid eco-region of northern plains and central high lands in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat with surface and sub-soil saline water.

The way aquaculture has caught on across the country over the past couple of decades could be a measure of its reliability as a livelihood.

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The region was filled with paddy fields, he reminisces at his home on a warm afternoon. Fish culture is done in enclosures such as tanks.

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Fish species which are commonly cultured include Tilapia spp, Heterobranchusbodorsalis, Clariasgariepinus, Mugiespp, Chrysichthysnigrodigitatus, Heterotisniloticus, Ophioce-phalus obscure, Cyprinuscarpio and Megalospp.

N would be invested into the business at start up and we the partners would manage the farm but would make use of few laborers.

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