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Communicate in written and oral form y o u r a n a l y s i si d e a s a n d recommendations on partnerships.

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Returns: As the risk is lower and the pay-off principal plus interest would be done from the cash flow, the return is also lesser. Description Project finance training will equip participant with the skills needed to structure PPP projects. If you can learn to do that everything else would be easier. Level of risk: Usually the risk is much lower than corporate finance as when the financier is investing; company is done with their honeymoon period. You can either finance your operations via corporate finance or through project finance. Equity comprises of various direct investments including mezzanine debt, cash, grant or other forms of funds. Footer menu. You will become efficient and feel confident about using excel in not only project finance but also at almost any kind of analysis. Be able to recommend strategies to i m p r o v e t h e m a n a g e m e n t a n d governance of partnerships. Create models that are easy to navigate without forfeiting proper deal sophistication and analysis. In the income statement module, we discuss the importance of Income Statement, Key Margins, What they signifiy, Net profit, Depreciation and more 4 — Accounting — Balance Sheet Analysis Foundation Knowing the balance sheet is extremely important. If you know how to do the financial modeling for project finance, you can counter and can put a different proposal on the table. Equity: In project finance, equity can be of various types.

Unlike corporate finance, project finance is bit complex. Produce a robust model from feasibility stages through project documentation to financial close.

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So what to do? This course focuses on the early stage planning, financial structuring and risk assessment of critical infrastructure necessary to set large, long term capital intensive projects up for success. If you can learn to do that everything else would be easier.

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Identify and quantify the risks of the project through the model — from sponsor, participant and lender viewpoints. Course availability will be considered finalized on the first day of open enrollment. Collaterals: The financier looks at the project assets and equipment as collaterals.

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Project Finance Course (with Online Training Certificate)