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Even now, there is still a lot of distrust of e-commerce in the country. Its brands are found in over countries. Embrace Mobile Apps Rather than perceiving these global digital trends as a threat, retailers have a sizeable opportunity to engage consumers in new ways and convert the growing mobile device traffic into repeat visits, leading to purchases.

With Bangladesh—like most developing countries—has a population that can be visually represented in the form of a right-side-up pyramid. As investments, FMCG stocks generally promise low-growth but are safe bets with predictable marginsstable returns, and regular dividends.

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E-retailers such as Daraz and Pickaboo allow consumers to purchase products as eclectic as mobile phones to clothing to perfumes, all from the comfort of home. Link In an ocean of volatile industries, the FMCG industry represents an island of stability during times of economic uncertainty.

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Nearly everyone in the world uses fast-moving consumer goods FMCG every day. Consequently, most of the spending on FMCG products originate from these urban centers.

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It produces a wide range of consumer goods, from food to personal care and cleaning, as well as water purifiers. Company headquarters are in Arkansas, USA. Among the various industries that characterize the modern global economy, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry is amongst the most resilient to economic shocks. It runs the largest chain of department stores in Mexico, as well as being the world's biggest independent bottling company for Coca-Cola. Consequently, most of the spending on FMCG products originate from these urban centers. Consequently, the demand for these goods remains relatively stable. Its rise to prominence represents the growing importance of e-commerce in Bangladesh.

The most popular e-commerce categories, not surprisingly, are non-consumable goods—durables and entertainment-related products. It is based in Illinois, with operations all around the world.

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Smartphone applications that cut the need to visit retailers offer a more personalized shopping experience, making it easier for players in the industry to connect themselves with their end consumers [4]. It specialises in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a variety of snack foods, drinks and various other products. Frequent reports of mishandled payments, untimely delivery, lack of quality assurance have served to create a general attitude of caution towards online shopping. Consequently, savings play a greater role in the life of the Bangladeshi consumer as opposed to credit. As the middle class grows in Bangladesh and incomes continue to rise, the FMCG industry will witness an increase in their customer base locally, thus reaping the rewards of social progress and upward economic mobility. Bangladeshis are also very brand conscious consumers, with a large portion of consumers citing brand as a decision-making criterion when shopping for personal care products. By the year , the number of people belonging to MAC is expected to nearly triple to 34 million from 12 million in FMCGs have a short shelf life because of high consumer demand e.

It owns a large number of household names like Gillette, Ariel and Pampers. While e-commerce can be the next big thing for the FMCG industry for Bangladesh, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed: consumer trust. It is highly placed in the Singapore Exchange, specialising in the processing of various oils and sugar.

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods