Essay on the peloponnesian war

The second phase of this war was characterized by the attack in Sicily from Syracuse.

Essay on the peloponnesian war

This war had detrimental effect on the Athenian empire as their treasury was reading empty and their strong youths were held prisoners in a strange land. As a result of these wars, most kingdoms suffered from both economical and political problems Although Thucydides is seen as one of the major figures of the known ancient world, we know relatively little about the man and his life In just within a few months Pericles fell victim to a plague.

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He honestly thought that he could have a big impact on the city of Athens and maybe even the entire world. I believe the peloponnesian war evolved because of Athenian support for Spartan enemies, Spartan alarm at a rise in Athenian power, and the drastic differences between the two cultures Sparta abused the treaty and even broke it, creating the opposition that would eventually defeat them.

Through his speech logosPericles appeals to the basic needs and desires of the Athenians, in order to lift their spirits from this primitive mindset and refocuses their energy on the protection and triumph of Athens.

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The Peloponnesian War was between Athens and Sparta: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer