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How two rare species influence fire management across the US The US Endangered Species Act has enabled species conservation but has differentially impacted fire management and rare bird conservation in the southern and western US. Environment Overhead view of the BP oil spill from the ocean drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon The environment is the surroundings of an organism including the physical and chemical environment, and other organisms with which it comes into contact.

Communities can reap the benefit of this ecological service. The more natural an ecosystem is, the more ecosystem services it provides.

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The Role of Ecology in Our Lives The many specialties within ecology, such as marine, vegetation, and statistical ecology, provide us with information to better understand the world around us. Improving Our Environment Pollution From Laundry Detergents And Fertilizers In the s, ecological research identified two of the major causes of poor water quality in lakes and streams-phosphorous and nitrogen-which were found in large amounts in laundry detergents and fertilizers.

Special Issues Journal Overview Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, issued 10 times per year, consists of peer-reviewed, synthetic review articles on all aspects of ecology, the environment, and related disciplines, as well as short, high-impact research communications of broad interdisciplinary appeal.

ecology and environment news

Additional features include breaking news domestic and internationalmulti-author debates, editorials, special columns, and a letters section.

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