Document.write alternative xhtml code

Except not really.

document.write without overwriting page

If the src attribute is not set, user agents must interpret the contents of the element as the script. Future browser versions might stop supporting deprecated elements from old HTML drafts, and so many old basic-HTML sites may start displaying incorrectly and unpredictably.

Writing code is a more streamlined experience, as gone are the days of browser hacks and display tricks. Dynamic modification of documents Note that because of the XML processing model, where a document is first parsed before being processed, the form of dynamic generation used in earlier versions of HTML, using document.

This tells your browser and validators the nature of your page.

document.write javascript

They'll just ignore the trailing slash as an unrecognised attribute. By using a set group of tags and attributes and following the rules of XML, you've created a new Markup language.

Further to all that, in recent times the Internet has begun to be accessed through new devices other than the classic computer and web browser arrangement. See what it's all about below. Over time the web became mainstream entertainment and new tags were brought in by the browser companies that didn't go along with this original aim — presentation became hugely important and structure and compatibility started to take a back seat.

No current visual editor comes close to the compliance required.

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Javascript alternative (Example)