Disadvantages of different culture

Unless there are direct translators present on a team; however, there can be a misunderstanding that could eventually lead to conflict. Diversity in the workplace can create stable circumstances and more job security, but it can also create a series of problems where workers become over-qualified for what they are doing.

Companies have access to more talent. Some professionals define the composition of the perfect team as people who come from the same culture, ethnicity, educational experience, or social status.

That means an organization must cope with the necessary costs to replace the lost workers, so it may take months or years to recoup the investments made. Then there must be a monetary commitment given to the process to ensure its successful completion. Because of this issue, it is not unusual for companies to look for offshoring opportunities that can help them to add unique perspectives to their corporate identity without a significant labor expense.

It applies at all levels of employment, from the local small business to multinational firms. There are more men with the same first name than women in this leadership position.

A Respect For Other Cultures The biggest benefit that can be brought from the idea of cultural relativism is the universal respect for different cultures and countries around the world. Different of culture is not the end of everything we should take it as challenge to enrich our perspectives for becoming a better person.

disadvantages cultural diversity

This advantage also has a secondary benefit that involves cultural awareness. About 2 out of every 5 companies leave their diversity initiatives in the hands of a single individual or sponsor.

This advantage can open new markets for the organization that can help profits to start climbing as well without a significant increase in the work of the team. This process envelopes our personal and professional lives.

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The Disadvantages of Cultural Diversity