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No additions or substitutions may be registered for competition after the deadline set forth by DECA Inc.

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During the first 10 minutes of the presentation after introductionsthe team will present its analysis, its decisions and the rationale behind the decisions. During the next 5 minutes, the judge may ask questions of the team to determine its understanding of the situation presented.

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Penalty points see Written Entry Checklist will have already been assessed. The format guidelines and evaluation forms of the Entrepreneurship Events were modified based on feedback after the first year of implementation.

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Each member of each team should respond to at least one question. Sample role-play presentations can be viewed at www. If someone did not have time to read the entire plan and just needed a snapshot of the main ideas, they should be able to get that from reading this. Creativity, however, is not shown to any great degree. Professional dress should also be worn to all conference sessions including workshops and special meal functions such as luncheons. Concepts include understanding the source and purpose of financial statements, the impact of management decisions on statements, and the analysis and interpretation of data for planning purposes. Together, these assignments can then be developed into the written entry. Financial Services: Financial services refer to services offered in the finance industry by financial institutions. The Business Growth Plan now requires that all of the one to three members be owners listed on the official documentation of ownership. Therefore, if the event situation is asking the participant to develop a promotion plan, most of the performance indicators will be from the promotion instructional area. The participant will have a minute preparation period and may make notes to use during the role-play. Participants will demonstrate knowledge and skills described by selected business administration core performance indicators that are aligned with National Curriculum Standards and industry validated.

After introductions, the judge will begin the minute role-play. DECA uses five lists of performance indicators which are organized by career cluster — business administration core, business management and administration, finance, hospitality and tourism, and marketing, as well as personal financial literacy.

Performance indicators in the Business Administration Core are common to all career areas and competitive events. The previously scheduled new events for Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making and Entrepreneurship Individual Series will be delayed until to provide additional development time and to provide a performance indicator list and sample materials.

Please check with your chartered association advisor for events offered in your chartered association.

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Each participant must respond to at least one question posed by the judge. Executive Summary Though this is the first part of the business plan, it is the LAST section you will write This should be a 1 page max.

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A written entry may not be entered in more than one ICDC competitive event during a given year. Conclusion: You must make a request for money here. Concepts include understanding the source and purpose of financial statements, the impact of management decisions on statements, and the analysis and interpretation of data for planning purposes. Several events provide larger awards based on company sponsorship. Performance indicators are national curriculum standards which are taught in the classroom. Participants in these competitive events are not informed in advance of the performance indicators to be evaluated. All participants and written entries must be approved and authorized for entering competition by their chartered association through official competitive events registration forms.

Rather than the interaction always being an interview situation, participants will now have opportunities to interact with judges in different roles.

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DECA International Business Plan Written Project