Classical greece and hellenistic greece essay

Hellenistic monarchs ran their kingdoms as royal estates and most of the heavy tax revenues went into the military and paramilitary forces which preserved their rule from any kind of revolution.

For more information on the history of Ancient Greece, Buzzbee has created an excellent hub.

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Athens suffered irreparable damage during the war and a devastating plague that lasted over four years. Last of all, I must consider the historical impact that Alexander had on the world. The Seleucid kingdom history started when Antiochus the third was defeated by Rome.

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They also put their wealth on display for all to see, building elaborate palaces and commissioning art, sculptures and extravagant jewelry. Similarities: Somesort of procedure to remove Original Context: Literature. One of the few city states who managed to maintain full independence from the control of any Hellenistic kingdom was Rhodes.

In other words, a good theory predicts future observations, and the accuracy of the prediction supports or refutes it.

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These three aspects I will be looking at are science, literature, and art since each form were influential and contributed to society. Its central characteristics were the mass empires created by Alexander and his successors, the mingling of Greek and other cultures and the diffusion of religions The conquests of Alexander the Great Alexander won a reputation for The writing system appeared in the sophisticated society, such as Mesopotamian society, Egyptian society, Aegean society as I learned from the class lecture The conventions and rules of the Classical period gave way to experimentation and a sense of freedom that allowed the artists of the Hellenistic period to explore their subjects from unique points of view that they had not previously done The back of the statue is much more artistically advanced than the front regarding modelling Ridgway In BC the Aeacid royal family was deposed and a federal state was set up called the Epirote League.

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Differences between Hellenistic and Hellenic Greek Civilization