City of the beast

They both manage to get them, but only by giving up that which was really important to them. Jaguar and Eagle embark on a journey to visit El Dorado and its inhabitants with the help of Walimai, the mystic's spirit wife who will serve as their guide.

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She is a writer for International Geographic magazine, which seems to be modeled after another very popular magazine—you guess which one. In terms of themes, they were a lot of messages conveyed that I certainly didn't pick up on as a kid. Beginning[ edit ] City of the Beasts begins with the story of Alexander Cold, who is 15 years old and going through a family crisis. Grandmother Kate is suspect right from the outset, when she neither picks up her grandson at the airport nor nurtures him in any manner. The Amazon is full of dangerous characters—vicious animals, savage Indian tribes, unscrupulous smugglers, corrupt soldiers—not to mention the legendary Beast. They travel farther into the forest and arrive at a waterfall which they must climb to reach Eye of the World, the village of the People of the Mist. Allende explores the contrast between our civilisation and nature as well as the exploitation of native cultures and does both in a elegantly subtle way. Alex is furious with the decision, saying that Clara will cook and take care of the children, but Kate is unorthodox. The goal of the International Geographic voyage involves tracking down the mythical Beast, rumored to be nine feet tall, very strong, and possibly deadly, reminiscent of Big Foot, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman in tropical style. Jaguar correctly assumes their city to be the famous El Dorado which is really made from fool's gold.

The creatures, which look something like giant slothsfunction as the living memory of the tribe by remembering long epic poems recited by Walimai and his predecessors.

Arrival at the Amazon[ edit ] When Alex and his Grandmother Kate reach the jungle, they join the rest of the expedition group: Timothy Bruce photographer ; and his assistant Joel Gonzalez.

There, the two find unlikely treasures, valuables that may enrich their lives in unforeseen ways if they can survive the many obstacles in their paths. Though honourable exceptions are allowed for, it is clear that the Indians are noble savages and the west, typified by the ludicrous Ludovic Leblanc, a complete caricature of a colonial twit, is hopelessly corrupt.

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Isabel Allende created some wonderful characters here - the participants of the expedition all got their unique character traits, they're dynamic feels real and believable and I particularly liked how tough the females in this story were.

Nadia goes on a quest of her own.

City of the beast

Nadia goes on a quest of her own. Meanwhile, Kate announces that she will be taking Alex with her to the Amazon rainforest during his visit. Before you know it, the haze clears and the body of the story opens up in front of you like a clearing in the Amazonian jungle where most of the action takes place, and you are hooked. They become fast friends. And maybe, just maybe, Alexander Cold will venture out on another quest in the near future. Ill treatment of the Indians, catastrophic decisions about the environment, and corrupt officials all get equal play in City of the Beasts. Watch out, J. The reason Kate goes is to write an article about the Beast.

These are going to be keepers!

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City of the Beasts