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The arrival of digital technology and the use of quartz-based timing in so-called quartz analog watches gave rise to a new breed of cheap Asian watches and to a new generation of giant Japan and Hong Kong-based industrial manufacturers.

Business description swatch group

By the end of the s, the Swiss watchmaking industry was in serious trouble. This combination of marketing and manufacturing expertise restored Switzerland as a major player in the world wristwatch market. It is a fantastic industrial production machine, here in Switzerland, using the most advanced robotics and new technologies to give results of the highest precision needed for our products. SMH originally entered an agreement with Volkswagen to begin designing the proposed automobile. Foreign competitors hovered around the two companies, eager to buy up such famous watch brands as Longines, Hamilton, Tissot, Rado, and Omega. The most recent acquisition was HW Holding Inc. In total, Swatch has nearly reporting business units, principally in Switzerland, but implanted throughout the world. ASUAG had been among the earliest to adopt this new manufacturing trend, and had succeeded in becoming an important supplier of quartz movements. More than a watch, the Swatch represented a entirely new marketing concept, featuring colorful designs and flashy advertising that not only broke from the conservative mold of the Swiss industry, but also caught its Asian competitors entirely off guard. Hayek had also begun searching for a partner for a project that seemed as radical as the Swatch had been: a new type of car.

By the end of the decade, the industry had succeeded in bringing all quartz component manufacture needs within the country's borders. In OctoberSwatch debuted its latest venture, or adventure, as some would have it: the Smart car, a project in partnership with the Daimler Benz corporation.

In addition, Swatch Group is an extraordinary machine for training young people in careers with a future, some each year.

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In the s, the company would begin investigations on entering the portable telephone market--with announcements of a Swatch watch with built-in telephone. SMH also began building a new distribution channel for its expanding Swatch brand, opening the first of a proposed store chain of Swatch Megastores in New York and Geneva.

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In the two companies announced the creation of the joint partnership Micro Compact Car for the production of the Smart car. The Swatch Talk was joined by two other products--the Swatch Telecom and Swatch Access--designed to launch the company into the telecommunications market at a time of the European market's deregulation.

Whether it is movements, hands, crowns, cases, screws, pallets, escapements, electronic circuits, batteries, ceramics and sapphire, to give just a few examples, there is nothing that cannot be produced in-house by our employees in our factories, our workshops, and our laboratories.

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