Brand building strategies by volkswagen in india

The company offered three brands including Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen that together comprised of 15 different models as of late Under his management, the company again started producing the Beetle. Volkswagen Group India emphasized on all aspects of marketing mix including product, price, place and promotion.

volkswagen marketing strategy in india

With the varied models across our brands as well as the establishments that have been set up we hope to be able to cater to our customers as well as dealers in the best possible manner.

It also launched a marketing campaign for its iconic model, the Beetle. Inthe Golf GTI rolled off the production line.

branding strategy of volkswagen

Exhibit I. Over the years, Volkswagen Group India not only launched several products, but also ensured that its brands were well known among the Indian consumers. It was founded in In India, the passenger vehicle segment has seen a growth despite the current market situation and Volkswagen plans to tap this.

Therefore, in Novemberthe company launched an integrated marketing campaign to build its brand image.

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Volkswagen India