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Skin becomes more oily, and the body produces more sweat, making deodorant necessary. An MRI or ultrasound scan can show whether the glands are working properly.

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Changes appear in the shape and size of the body: The breasts start to grow, often starting with a small and sometimes painful lump just below the nipple The hips widen, the waist becomes proportionally smaller, and extra fat will develop on the stomach and buttocks The arms, legs, hands, and feet may grow faster than other parts of the body.

Understanding Emotions Stocksy True or false: Females tend to be more in tune to people's emotions. Around the age of 13 years, the penis grows and lengthens. Underlying causes of late puberty include eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and hormonal conditions, for example, an underactive thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism.

The voice box, or larynx, gets bigger, the muscles or vocal cords grow, and the voice will "break" or "crack," and eventually become deeper. One moment, the young man may feel like laughing, and then he may suddenly feel like crying. Spatial Skills Getty Images One reason boys tend to outscore girls on the math portion of the SAT is that they may have an advantage when it comes to spatial skills — or the ability to solve problems involving size, distance and the relationship between objects.

Acne is also common. Late puberty If a girl has no signs of breast development by the age of 14 years, or no menstrual period by 16 years, or if a boy's testicles have not developed by the age of 14 years, they should see a physician.

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Girls with progressive breast development over a 4- to 6-month period of observation, or boys with progressive penis and testicular enlargement, and rapid growth overall, may need medical attention.

It turns out that behavior and development have more to do with life experiences than they do with gender — and in order to reach his or her full potential, your cutie needs lots of attention and encouragement from the get-go.

They are not considered a matter of concern, and no intervention is recommended.

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