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For on-screen presentations, sans serif fonts are the better option, since they come across clearer in larger font size. The influence of flowing, cursive style fonts such as Baskerville can be seen in letters such as the uppercase Q and K, and the italic Y and z, which all have some beautiful, unusual curves. Save the novelty fonts and goofy ties for more cheerful days. Check out some of the posts out there from PowerPoint pros and presentation experts, and you might be surprised by how much thought goes into the fonts they choose. All of these fonts are slightly different, but all have their origins in the work of Claude Garamond, who designed the original punch cuts in the s, making Garamond fonts some of the oldest around. You can use these for various parts of the presentation, differentiating one part from another, or putting emphasis to retain information. And, in case you were wondering, the ten we recommend here are all on that list. Verdana, very clear for screens, but is very wide and less efficient. The purpose of this is to improve how numbers look when they form part of body text — they are a more natural fit with lowercase lettering. The image below shows the characters uppercase I eye , lowercase l ell and number 1 one written in four popular sans serif fonts from left to right Century Gothic, Calibri, Gill Sans and Tahoma. Myriad, on the other hand, is better known for its neutral, almost general-purpose function that makes it a popular choice for professional uses. The same goes for the fonts we use. Because of this, you need to be mindful of the personality of your target audience.

Take a look at the image below, where you can see a comparison of how the numbers appear in Corbel with how they appear in another popular sans serif font, Segoe UI.

You can use these for various parts of the presentation, differentiating one part from another, or putting emphasis to retain information. Unlike Verdana though — which has wide spaces and heavier letters — Segoe fonts are also a great choice for titles and headers.

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I used it in my essays, projects, or just for general homework headings and then let Times Roman do the grunt body text. Based on the type styles of the Italian Renaissance, Palatino draws influence from calligraphy, and is in fact named after master calligrapher Giambattista Palatino — a contemporary of Claude Garamond. Five fonts that should be the cornerstone of all your presentations. Garamond has a rich history behind it and one of the reasons I love it! Many of the most popular typefaces already have well established voices. Though many experts recommend keeping it simple, they also advise against using common fonts like Arial, Calibri or Helvetica. Wrapping it Up So you see, the right font can play a pivotal role in your career. If you cannot decide on a font, use wordmark. So with its easy to read, screen friendly design and readily distinguishable characters, Tahoma is an ideal choice for the slightly more formal, but still approachable, scientific or technical presentation. Everyone knows Times New Roman is serious, respectable, reliable.

Jumping in weight by one pixel is greater than is conventional in traditional print. Deemed as among the Best PowerPoint Fonts, Helvetica has earned popularity owing to its neutrality and versatile nature.

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Futura is great mainly in all-caps. It is an elegant font that has a real personality. With Arial, the problem is not so much its shape being somewhat less elegant than Helvetica. Serif vs Sans Serif These are font styles that you should familiarize yourself with. Mobile technology has progressed, but in , presenting a full deck of slides on a mobile device is not customary. Another Sans Serif font, Gill Sans presents a friendly and warm look without being too overstated. For example, de-emphasize its surroundings, use white space or color differentiation between text items.

At first glance, it is a standard, easy-to-read sans serif that looks crisp and clear on screen, but on closer inspection, Candara has some interesting design details that set it apart.

America Apparel, for example, uses it for their logo. Hopefully, this detailed guide will help you decide the most befitting among the best font for PowerPoint.

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Body text is set in one font type, headlines in another, page numbers and footnotes in a third. Many of the most popular typefaces already have well established voices.

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The Only 5 PowerPoint Presentation Fonts You Will Ever Need