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I wanted to be a strong role model for my family and other African Americans.

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Every animal have to be in a certain way to be a good specimen of their kind. What he wants to do is simply seen as wrong, since he is different since he does not fit in. It shows the importance of pursuing your dreams no matter what others say because you are the only one who truly knows who you are and what is the best for you.

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It is important for every human to understand who he or she is and what is their purpose of being here. But it is so charming to swim in the water! It shows the importance of pursuing your dreams no matter what others say because you are the only one who truly knows who you are and what is the best for you. However good he is at other things, he does not fill the checklist of what is important in a duck, and makes for a very ugly duckling indeed. Later, when he was found by a group of swans, it cleared out that he was one of them Hans Christian Andersen. No one wants Bethany and everyone wants Carla. The fairy tale written by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen two centuries ago still remains popular among readers resonating with them on a lot of levels. Most stories and films represent belonging or alienation in one way or another. The wild ducks who offer him companionship, the old woman who briefly takes him in, the cat and hen who question his ability to belong in the house, are also not particularly villainous. All of the adults were children once, and it is undeniable that everyone remembers stories told by our parents or grandparents or that ones which we read later.

The themes primarily represented in the story are how a society focuses on only certain traits when judging a persons worth, the mental and emotional damage suffered by a social outcast, and how one must get to know oneself and find where one belongs to find true happiness.

The Duckling thought one might have a different opinion, but the Hen would not allow it. Word count: Date Due: Uglies illustrates many issues that young teenagers will go through in life.

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We can see how upset the young bird becomes when he is turned down by those who surround him. To take an example of how this could be seen in human society, one can think of a teenager going to high school. Your hair might be the wrong color, your feet could be too big, or maybe you stutter whenever you try to speak. Since the ducks can swim, look a certain way and are relatively small, they judge each other by how proficient they are at this, and how well they fit. Thus, the Ugly Duckling may become a guide for the readers not only through the early stage of their life but also handling difficulties being adults. His artwork is characterized by rich details and shading. The creatures all seem to have different reasoning behind their treatment of the Duckling with the exception of his appearance, which is apparent to and commented on by nearly every creature he meets. Then after the winter has passed, the Duckling meets the swans. Since the Cat and the woman do not like to swim, and they are seen as the most sensible people, his urge to swim is marked as ridiculous. When he eventually runs away, he does not at all doubt his ugliness, and to a certain extent seems to believe he deserved the treatment he had suffered.

The fact that she has this particular book at all is important, although most people are familiar with the story, not everybody has a personal copy of it. According to the second principle, the ranks of fairy tales created by ordinary people are addressed.

An ugly duckling essay

Among the books he has illustrated are several written by his wife, Gloria, and a number written by Julius Lester. University Of Chicago Press, doi When he then afterwards tries to voice his opinion about something the Cat said, he is rejected. This is where the moment of transformation which the Ugly Duckling fairytale has become known, though it is in fact not a transformation at all. Despite these differences, there seems to be a common denominator. Publishing History Hardcover - by H. The answer is simple; so, they can fit in with society. He is at last accepted for what he is, rather than judged for what he could never be. What he wants to do is simply seen as wrong, since he is different since he does not fit in. Elective plastic surgery is becoming an acceptable solution for anyone who would like to improve their appearance. It is difficult to take the road less traveled as family tradition, values, or heritages have large pulls and impacts on the direction of their offspring. Wherever he goes, he is shunned. Certainly we all do have very different problems as Carla says at the end of the play. Ask the Cat about it hes the cleverest animal I know ask him if he likes to swim in the water, or to dive down I wont speak about myself.
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