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They claimed, and a representative of the Chief's Council agreed, that they had turned over management of the relationship with oil companies to the Chiefs' Council, where it had traditionally been until the early s.

Political violence and democracy

A woman votes at a polling station in Kano, Nigeria, March 28, Onubogu: The elections come 20 years after the restoration of democracy in Nigeria. What has changed since the last election? Full Text:. Since that date, there have been several killings linked to the political conflict between the two parties, and political opponents of the PDP are still unwilling to return home. EnuguState: Violence within the state legislature In EnuguState, Governor Chimaroke Nnamani and Senator Jim Nwobodo, among others, have been pitted against each other in a contest for political influence, notably in the state legislature. The political conflict in the Enugu State House of Assembly has existed more or less since the beginning of the current administration. The danger of clashes will not necessarily subside once the elections are over. This report discusses the obligations of the government and security forces to prevent and prosecute political violence, as well as the important roles of the national electoral commission, political parties and the international community in helping to reduce such violence. A major section of the roof along with sections of walls had been blown off. Violence around elections in Nigeria is not new. Given the previous firepower they claimed to have faced from the Isongo-furo and the relatively easy flow of weapons in the Niger delta area, even those sympathetic to the Isenasawo acknowledged it was extremely unlikely they would have entered Ogbolomabiri and successfully chased out the Isongo-furo had they not been adequately armed.

Plateau state has demonstrated that there can be both formal and informal mechanisms to successfully manage conflict.

Foreign governments and inter-governmental organizations are especially urged to monitor local government elections, where serious violence may occur.

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I saw people running, and I saw Agaba boys whom I recognize chasing them. They beat one woman with a stick on her leg.

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I was trying to reach Chief Amange's place to see if the other boys had made it back. The police told me to leave to avoid problems, even though they didn't agree. A former member of Isongo-furo claimed that at least seventeen members of Isongo-furo, and between thirty and fifty total, were killed on July The next morning my own people took me to a hospital in Port Harcourt, where I stayed a month.

Unfortunately, at many stages of preparing for elections, including registration of political parties, accreditation of election observers, and setting the election schedule, INEC did not initially clarify the bases for making decisions, leaving it fairly open to criticism that it was favoring the ruling party.

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However, the dynamics driving political violence differ to some extent in each state covered in detail by this report. Many residents fled the town.

Effects of political violence

I knew two of them. At about 7 p. Across Nigeria, people told us that they expect the Independent National Election Commission INEC to deliver a credible election, given the commission was able to do so in Foreign governments and inter-governmental organizations are especially urged to monitor local government elections, where serious violence may occur. Chief Rufus Ada George, a former governor of Rivers State in the early s and one of the most prominent political figures in the Okrika area, supported the ANPP in when the party won the chairmanships and majority of council seats in both local governments. They were holding rifles and matchets [machetes]. Included in this report are recommendations to the Nigerian government and security forces, political parties, and the international community. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of members of the ANPP and other residents fled Ogu, some of them moving into sites for groups of displaced persons in the state capital, Port Harcourt. The petitions were sent, but the government has done nothing. After Mina Tende took office, his party continually complained about threats and harassment suffered by the community at the hands of the "Agaba Boys," a group of youths sponsored by George Sekibo. A dispute over the validity of the impeachment led to the current crisis in the Enugu State House of Assembly. Parents and the religious organisations should wake up and keep to their advisory roles. According to testimonies of local residents, the Isongo-furo had openly displayed arms when they were in control of the town. Outside the gate, we saw people shooting with double-barreled guns.

He asked what he had done, and they just said they were looking for him. Verjee: Init is expected that the most competitive presidential candidates will hail exclusively from northern Nigeria, unlikewhich saw a Christian from southern Nigeria face a northern Muslim.

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Political Violence in Nigeria