Alternate fuels essay

And also when, in fact, did they start to rule our lives rather than the usual other way around?

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However, it is not commonly used because automakers are no longer supplying methanol-powered vehicles. Can you imagine a world with no gas, propane, or coal?

Alternate fuels essay

Hansen et al. Although fossil fuel is harmful to the environment, the United States is continuing to use fossil fuel as a source of energy.

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Those involved in the discussion debating whether biofuels have any real overwhelming benefits compared to fossil fuels could argue for its usage. This vehicle was first showcased at the World Solar Challenge as the idea of an efficient, low-mass commuter car. Soon, the world is going to run out of fossil fuels. Biodiesel Concept: Continued use of petroleum sourced fuels is now widely recognized as unsustainable because of depleting supplies and the contribution of these fuels to the Is Offshore Wind Power : Alternative Or Harmful Fossil Fuels? Several searches have been put in place to replace the oil industry in as far as alternative fuels are concerned Energy Information Administration, the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere per gallon of gas is None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. A majority of the population relies heavily on various types of energy for daily use. This energy would be reliable and would put to rest fears of running out of sources of energy. A potential advantage of Hydrogen cars is that it can be used over and over again by the process of electrolysis. Alternative energy can not replace the use of all fossil fuel but any amount of alternative energy use can be effective. Biofuels have been used throughout history for over thousands of years. If the correct mixture is not achieved raw fuel is released into the atmosphere through the tailpipe as pollution.

No need to go the gas station and no plugs. For this reason, the United states should consider substituting fossil fuel with alternative sources of energy.

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It might help you to understand my views if you know how nuclear power works. Nuclear power plants and the burning of fossil fuels both supply significant amounts of power to the Unites States. This has been the dream of many scientists because this will significantly reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, a green house gas, to the atmosphere. Other figures in terms of number of vehicles produced include The augmenting attention in substitute energies is motivated by numerous factors. Since not all alternative fuels are well suited for all modes of transport, and not for all sectors within a specific mode of transport i. It has the potential to minimize the use of energy while reducing harmful emissions at the same time. There is a vast amount of energy found in the nucleus of the atom. Currently, we rely on petroleum to run our cars, and household central heat, and electricity in our homes. These reductions increase as the amount of biodiesel blended into diesel fuel increases. Natural gas pollutes much less than gasoline and very little has to be done to modify an internal combustion engine. Other vehicle performance-related concerns have also been raised. First scenario demonstrates the biofuel emissions according to the present market share, assuming that biofuel consumption increased linearly until

More convenience Wireless charging is one of the factors that make alternative fuels more convenient. When the valves open it allows air to enter the air intake and the correct stoichiometric mixture of fourteen point seven to one is attempted. The ability to produce methanol from non-petroleum feedstocks such as coal or biomass is of interest for reducing petroleum imports.

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