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Rather than getting upset, learn how to take feedback with grace, kill your darlings, and revise your work. But do you need to go to portfolio school?

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Above all else, though, I was lucky to have gotten the internship in the first place. Sign up here.

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Sign up here. You can compete with real work. I can say with complete confidence that I got my latest job off the back of the book I published and my passion for improv comedy. I guarantee you have a buddy who needs a gig poster or a relative whose website needs an overhaul. I was an accident. How will you be able to assure the client that this will work? They want to see samples of your past work. I was fortunate to do my internship in college, while my parents were still helping to pay for food and housing. You can also check freelancer sites like Fiverr or Upwork to get some experience working for real clients and even earn a bit of cash on the side. The lessons you learn off the job will positively impact your work on the clock, which makes you a much more attractive candidate than someone who spends their free time Netflix-bingeing. If you go this route, do your homework. How do you feel about portfolio schools? Well, there are three big downfalls to portfolio school.

Well, there are three big downfalls to portfolio school. A real, big boy copywriter job.

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A portfolio school, or an ad school, is a school that offers courses or programs designed to help you build and improve your portfolio. The right portfolio schools will teach you the fundamentals of copywriting and teach you how to incorporate it into your work. That is…until they went out of business.

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The second downfall to portfolio schools is time. Great, right? Sounds good, huh? Art is subjective. This course introduces aspiring Copywriters to the art and disciplines of selling via the written and spoken word. And connections. Your milage will definitely vary. You need to get training. Over and over, people have asked if they need to go to portfolio school to get a job as a copywriter. And the third downfall to portfolio school is that there are no guarantees. Sign up here. Second, you need to practice to get better.
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